The American Academy of Indic Studies (AAIS) is a scholarly, non-political, non-religious non-profit academy for scholars and students interested in Indic civilization. It is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt autonomous organization.


The academic study of the Indic civilization will result in offering nuanced solutions to several vexing problems in America, and it will potentially help America in becoming a unique civilization.


To promote study and research of Indic civilization in academia.


  1. To pluralize the process of Globalization: As noted above, many of the ideas circulating globally are dominated by Euro-American cultures and civilizations. The globally interconnected world should have better and more inclusion of Indic civilizational ideas (in addition to other civilizations such as Chinese and Islamic, but that is not the focus of this proposed academy).
  1. To globalize and pluralize the American education system: Most of the textbooks and syllabi at all levels of American education system lack the serious presentation of Indic civilization. American students seriously lack the deeper understanding of a civilization that is one of the oldest and is today inhabited by the largest number of young citizens eager to join the global village.
  1. To develop an academic understanding of Indic contributions to the world civilizations: Indic civilization has been a key part of the world economies and cultures through the Silk Route, Buddhism, Colonialism, and now the IT industry. Indic people and ideas have been traversing far and wide and yet their contributions remain alien or unknown to most American students. The academy will strive to transform this scenario.
  1. Provide Solutions and Alternatives to American and Global Issues: Some examples where Indic civilization can offer solutions are environmental issues, attitudes toward religious diversity, gerontology, psychology, and healthcare. Indic civilizational ideas transcend the dichotomy of left and right that has gridlocked the American discourse on most of the issues.