To promote study and research of Indic civilization in the academia

Long-Range Strategic Plan

  • Establish new framework and re-study Indic civilization
  • Measure effectiveness by tracking citations of papers in journals
  • Bottom-up development of Indic studies – from minor or concentration at Bachelors level, to Masters and Doctorate.
  • Offer value added service to the community
  • Develop human resources

Proposed Activities

  • Biennial academic conference
  • Meetings, seminars, and workshops
  • Publications (journals and books)
    • American Journal of Indic Studies, edited by Lavanya Vemsani
  • Mentorship for students and younger scholars (with scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, research grants, study Grants, travel grants)
  • Program development (concentration, minors, majors, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate)
  • Curriculum Development
  • Commission Textbooks
  • Professional Development
  • Training Development – ex. social applications of Yoga and meditation
  • K-12 teacher training and certification
  • Certification for Yoga teaching
  • Accreditation services for Indic Studies programs